Write Your Way to Coaching Business Success

I interviewed Carol Hess (no relation to me) about writing, the best gateway skill for marketing your coaching business and boosting your income.

Carol is owner of Tame the Writing Monster where she helps coaches become persuasive and powerful writers on behalf of their businesses.

Listen to this interview and read the highlights below.

5 Core Skill Sets for Coaching Business Success

Have you ever felt that you need more knowledge, training or credentials to be highly valuable to your coaching clients? While every coach has some areas to develop, don’t make the mistake of discounting the many skills you already bring to the table. That goes for business skills as well. No matter how new you are to coaching, you’re no novice in life, work and communication skills.

It’s time to recognize and leverage your strengths, and consciously build a few core skills to help you thrive in your coaching business.

Below is a (non-exhaustive) list of core business skills. Take a few minutes to rank your current level of skill for each one. Be generous! And prepare to be surprised. Rank your skills on this scale (or come up with your own):

The Worst Coaching Website Mistake: Not Knowing Why Your Home Page Exists

On Thursday, March 18, I will interview Carma Spence-Pothitt, coach, author and web ace, about her new ebook Home Sweet Home Page: The 5 Deadly Mistakes Authors, Speakers and Coaches Make with Their Website’s Home Page and How to Fix Them!

In this guest post, Carma reveals the worst of those five deadly website (and blogsite) mistakes. Join us Thursday to hear the rest!

Do you know why your website exists? Do you know what goals you want it to accomplish? If not, how can you know if your website is effective or not?

Where The Coaching Clients Are

Last Thursday I gave a presentation to recent graduates of Coach Training Alliance called Where the Clients Are. I wanted to give new coaches a sure-fire approach to launch a prosperous coaching business, so they can spend less time marketing and more time doing the work they love.

I call this talk “Where the Clients Are” because really, that’s what a coach needs to know the most: where to find the people who will gladly invest in their coaching. Of course the answer is not actually a place, it’s an approach that creates high demand for your coaching. It’s a way of understanding clearly who your most ideal coaching market is and what they want.

The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship – Your Freebie and Opt-in System

I know, your mind is on how you’ll get your next coaching client, but that kind of short term thinking will have you running around in circles. If you want to earn a great living from your coaching business, create systems that will bring in a steady stream of prospects who already want what you’re offering. You need a leads list. And the sooner you get to building yours, the better.

The first step is to set up an opt-in for a freebie that your ideal coaching market really wants.

Find out what makes people in your coaching market tick. Then create a give-away product that is highly relevant to their top challenges and most elusive goals. Your freebie should do one or more of these things:

Why Coaches Fail – Paralysis Can Kill Your Coaching Business

Everybody knows that the odds of succeeding in an entrepreneurial business are no better than 1 in 5. But the coaching industry has plenty of undeniable success stories. And the rewards of “staying the course” and going for your dream are worth the risk many times over.

So what will make you one of those success stories? Here is one key factor:

Keep moving forward.