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Four Simple Steps to Attract What You Really Want

Do you ever forget your best tools for life? They get buried sometimes in the day-to day. This is simply THE best tool for living that I have. If I did this simple thing everyday I’d get everything I truly want.

You have this tool within you too. In fact, so much has been written about it over the last 20 years that it’s cliché.

It’s manifestation. Remember this? Successful thoughts followed by powerful actions are like the track and the train, or like water and fish. Prosperous thinking makes the way for what we want to move towards us.

The simplicity of this is usually lost in the rush and hustle of our lives. We are so driven to do, do, do, moving at break-neck pace. Unfortunately, while doing what we think will get us what we want, we are often actually focused on what we don’t want – what isn’t working or what doesn’t feel good.

And then, it’s like a train heading for a bent or broken track or like a fish suddenly pulled out of the water.

It’s time to bring our minds back to envisioning what we want rather than what we don’t want.

Regular People Manifest What They Want All the Time

Years ago, I met a man who decided to earn his livelihood for one year just by doing this process. This guy wasn’t a guru or a monk. He was a regular Joe who decided to test his faith in abundance.

Three times a day for about half an hour he consciously envisioned what he wanted – in this case, the means to live. If he felt doubtful or worried, he’d stop whatever he was doing and do the visioning process again.

Now here’s what seems extraordinary… as he needed it, money for rent, utilities, food, and other needs came to him. He wasn’t sitting on a street corner with a sign begging for donations. He was living his life – writing, reading, cleaning his house, and walking the dog like every one else does. He just didn’t have a job or a paycheck.

Every time that I’ve bothered to do this manifestation meditation into my life just once a day good things that I want flood into my life. So here we go…


The Manifestation Meditation

Start by getting quiet and relaxed. Breathe deeply. Be with your body. Let anxious thoughts drift away.

1. Go Into Gratitude

Gratitude is the fertile ground for manifesting what you want. It primes the pump for more wonderful things to come. Why is that? Because it puts your focus on the prosperity you already enjoy, making you magnetic to more. “Count” your blessings. Besides all the obvious privileges you enjoy, be grateful for current challenges. Take some time in this step. Feel refreshed by it.

2. Acknowledge Your Co-creativity

The universe around us is making miraculous new things happen every moment. It’s creation energy. Your ability to influence your reality with your thoughts and actions is creation energy too. Acknowledge your guides, helpers, the Universe, God – however you think of the Infinite. Then recognize your gift as a co-creator of your reality. Access the sense that you are not alone, but part of something vast and fertile.

3. Engage Your Vision

Create a vision – the seed for your new reality. Open your imagination. Then flesh out the vision of what you want with all of your senses. See, hear, taste, smell, and touch every detail about what you are manifesting. Picture yourself living it now. Feel yourself already there.

4. Let Go of Outcome

This last step is critical, and may take practice to master. Once your vision is complete, surrender the details and let go of any attachment to the outcome. Trust that the opportunities, resources, motivation, time, money – to create whatever you have just envisioned – will come to you in the way that is for your highest good.

You see, this manifestation process requires you to align with the flow of forces greater than yourself. That means allowing your vision to arrive in whatever way providence decides – including all the ways you could not have conceived of. Faith is a crucial ingredient of prosperity.

If you find yourself feeling expectant, disappointed, or discouraged, you haven’t fully let go of the outcome. If you think – “Huh, that didn’t work” – you have probably attached to something. Or you might have kept your focus on what’s missing.

Okay, I double dog dare you to try this for 40 days. I’m starting right now. Join me?

What tools are in your toolbox that you’re ready to dust off and use? Is there something you already have that if you fully utilized it you’d be happier, more fulfilled and attract what you want? Share that here. Let’s amass some wisdom right now!