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5 Tips for Successfully Launching your Coaching Program


Milana Leshinsky shares 5 key tips for successfully launching a coaching program with a program launch.

Know the Most Important Half of Your Coaching Niche

There’s a sea change in the way people buy services. Your success depends more than ever on your ability to develop the second half of your niche – your target audience.The second and most important part of your niche is your target audience. Because of a sea change in the way people engage and buy services, your success depends on you standing out and serving a “tribe.”

Want a sneak peek for the big unveiling?

Here is a sneak peek at how I’ve upleveled my business this year. More announcements to come and a special free live training for you about niches.

Who am I to coach anyone about that?

Fresh Perspective

Feeling like a fraud as a coach misunderstands the point of coaching — dancing in the moment and drawing out the client’s wisdom and solutions.Worries about being a fraud as a coach miss the point of coaching — that it is about dancing in the moment and drawing out the client’s wisdom and solutions. The Sacred Six will help you realize you can help anyone about anything.

Play a Bigger Game Today than You Did Yesterday


Why do some coaches and consultants fill up their programs with ideal clients in just a few months, while others struggle to get just one client? I’ve been studying this a long time. The answer to this mystery isn’t what you might think… It’s certainly not that they are more skillful. It’s not that they have a slicker website or more experience marketing. And it’s not certifications or advanced degrees. . . .

How To Reach Thousands of New Clients with Joint Ventures

Here are three important Partnership Secrets to learning how to master joint ventures. Learn EVERYTHING you would ever need to know about doing joint ventures and working with partners.

Which Coach Archetype are You?

brave hearted coach

There are four archetypes of behavior that coaches and entrepreneurs tend towards. Which are you defaulting into now and how can you cultivate your brave business heart?

Got Dropbox? My New Favorite Online Tool


Most of the time online tools come with hassles. Dropbox, my new favorite online tool, makes me smile because there are no bugs, no confusion and nothing to buy.