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Is your coaching niche helping you or…?

Missing the Mark

You want a niche that helps you do good in the world while you do well financially. But what if your niche is actually holding you back? Take the time to find one that will pay off consistently. It’s a journey, but it doesn’t have to be hard.

Should You Niche Your Coaching Business or Not?

woman questioning

9 reasons why niching opens the doors of opportunity and prosperity. 4 reasons not to niche. 7 powerful questions to help you break through resistance to niching. And 4 ways to niche including the best way.

A Life Coach’s Perspective on the End of the Mayan Calendar

Mayan Calendar

7 gentle and powerful questions to bring back the light in a time of pain and sorrow. A perspective that the end of the Mayan calendar is about rebirth.

A proven method for increasing the number of people who hire you

proven method for increasing the number of people who hire you

Bill Baren delivers a power tip on what you can do to make sure that this “I have to check with something first” situation results in a new client for you.

5 Tips To Make More As A Coach

There are 5 things top earning coaches have in common. It starts with the big secret – they ask for it. Plus 4 more key tips for financial success in coaching.

Top 5 Ways Newsletters Make You $$$

Give Yourself a Raise

Here are five ways that newsletters help make you money by Linda Claire Puig.

6 Shifts to Go from a Hobby to a Coaching Business

super woman in business

If you’re treating your coaching business like a hobby, it’s just a “someday” dream. Make these 6 shifts in mindset and action to build a thriving coaching business.

7 Keys to Host Your Own Giveaway Event and Build a Massive List – by Erika Kalmar

Building a big responsive list is key to selling your programs and products. Erika Kalmar shares 7 key points you need to know about organizing a giveaway event with success.