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Your Website Has 6 Seconds to Make the Right Impression

In the online marketing world, 6 seconds is a long time. When we surf the Internet or click a link we impatiently look for immediate relevance or we’re outta there and likely never to come back. That means your website has to make a connection with your target audience super fast! You’d be surprised how easy it is to do this. What’s in it for Me? That’s the key question . . .

Could This Be the Reason Your Coaching Business Hasn’t Arrived Yet?

Your mindset. It’s true. The make or break factors in coaching business success are rarely about education, specific business skills, or experience. Instead, it all comes down to how you manage your mind. Nearly all my clients have struggled with believing in themselves at one moment or another. I’ve struggled with it on and off myself. What’s pulled me forward again and again is a BIG WHY. With all my . . .

10 Ways to Break Free from Perfectionism

Perfectionism can be paralyzing. You’re in good company if you get bogged down by it. But, can you train yourself out of it? Yes! If there’s a scale of perfectionism I was once a 10. But now I’m closer to a 5. By necessity my coaching business trained me out of it. I realized that if I wanted to earn more and work less that expedience is key. I saved . . .

How a book can bring you more clients

John Eggen shares 3 ultra-simple ways to earn up to $150,000 from your book (BEFORE it’s even published).

How to be sure your clients come back for more

3 things you can do today and all the time to get repeat clients.

Move fear on its way quickly

Try this 5 minute process to move through fear and get your mojo back on line.

Is online coaching effective?

An exploration about the circumstances where online coaching is effective and how you can create your own mulitple format coaching packages.

Is your coaching business scalable?

The easiest way to work less, earn more and reach more people with your coaching is to sell your own passive income or recurring revenue products or programs. You can do it!