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How to Own Your Coaching Niche

Is your coaching perceived as essential or as a luxury that can be given up? To position your coaching services as essential, focus your energy on a unique accessible group of people and solve the critical problem standing in their way. That’s how you “own” your market.

Eight Email Habits for the Successful Coaching Business

To stay sane, and operate a profitable coaching business, good email habits are crucial. The goal is a “zero tolerance” inbox. You can get there with these simple steps.

Boost Coaching Business Visibility with a Blog

A blog can be more powerful than a standard website for building visibility and credibility with your coaching market. Find out if you should launch a blog, and what it will do for your coaching business.

Riding the Waves of Dynamic Change

Following a big dream can be painful at times. My job is to help coaches stay on the path with power, knowing they are in the best place, even when it doesn’t feel good. This model for Adaptive Change is a perfect illustration of the journey.

Four Roads to Coaching Success

Target marketing really is the fastest and easiest way to build your coaching business. And business markets are the most lucrative and accessible. They will pay you to help them be better at what they do for a living. But you don’t have to be a “business coach” for this to work — or even know a lot about business.

How Coaches Can Get More Done in Less Time

If you’re overwhelmed and don’t have time to build your coaching business, use these time management tips to get more done so you can get out of the office and have more fun.

Get Your eBook to Market!

Your own ebook gives you both another revenue stream and more credibility with your coaching market. Use these nine steps plus a high touch marketing tip to get your ebook to market!

Coaching Clients – Can We Want Too Much for Them?

Have you ever sensed that you might want too much for your clients? Most coaches fall into this trap on some level, until they understand that what is best for the client is only what the client is ready to commit to change within themselves right now.