Ever feel derailed from your best laid coaching business plans? Sometimes holidays, illness, family crisis — things that require your immediate attention — can stop your momentum cold.

Every business owner gets derailed by life sometimes. The key, of course, is how you respond. Feeling guilty about what’s not getting done and disappointed that you haven’t “made it” yet will only prolong the stall. Be compassionate with yourself, and use these seven steps to get back on track quickly.

1. Align your expectations with your commitment

Human beings run into all sorts of trouble when our expectations exceed our commitment to success. We’ve put too much stock on the desired outcome and not enough on the experience of getting there.

Think of your coaching business as a journey, not a destination. Then, any unexpected delay or side-trip is simply part of the adventure. Present results don’t define you or your future. Your identity is measured from within, not by what you’ve accomplished.

Think about it… If you’re wholly committed to your own success, then:

coaching business off balance

2. Accept what is

The quickest fix to emotional pain is always attitudinal, so make acceptance a part of your daily outlook. Accepting “what is” is the first step to healing, resolving and evolving. From this point of view, whatever is happening is perfect, even if it doesn’t feel good.

3. Determine what must be done

It’s ok to go into “survival mode” for a while. Distinguish between what must be done and everything else. Redistribute your resources (time, energy, money) to focus only on what is critical right now.

4. Clear the slate

Release obligations, postpone non-critical meetings, reduce commitments. This buys you time and energy. Amp up your self care with some of that saved time.

5. Call in resources

Ask for help from your community — friends, family, neighbors and colleagues. Be specific about what you need and for how long.

Resist the impulse to contract in on yourself. This is NOT the time to pull back from working with your therapist, coach or support group. Make the most of those resources.

6. Look for the gift

Everything that happens in your life has a gift for you. It may be…

In any case, this is a time to re-calibrate. Seeing the gift in what is happening allows you to shift your attitude and start feeling pulled forward again.

7. Make yourself over

When the crisis begins to dissipate, take a little more time to reset your vision rather than going back to status quo. Has your vision changed? Is there an even better way to move forward?

Get organized. Set up new systems and better habits.

Getting derailed is really about taking time to gain perspective and set up positive changes. If you stay with the opportunity and use it, you will come out stronger, smarter and more motivated than ever.

Share your most recent derailment. What derailed you? What was the gift? And how did you make over yourself and your coaching business?