7 Relationship & Lead Building Strategies for Coaches

Do you want to reliably fill your group coaching, masterminds, teleseminars and other live programs? Then, you’ll need a pre-qualified list of folks in your coaching market who want to buy what you’re about to offer. Use these seven sure-fire strategies to build your list now.

Target. Connect. Convert.

Before you deploy these list building strategies, answer these three questions, and set up the systems you’ll need when the leads start flowing in:

  1. Who are you serving? To build a valuable leads list quickly, target one narrow and accessible coaching market. On your blog or website, address what they really care about – their pain points and desired outcomes. People are more likely to sign up for your list if they perceive that you understand them.
  2. How will you consistently connect with your coaching leads and keep them warm? A relevant blog or ezine, sent out weekly like clockwork, helps you build credibility and visibility with your leads. Add in social networking, and promotions to point prospects to one offer at a time.
  3. How will you call your leads into action? One of the most common marketing mistakes coaches make is aimless lead generation – collecting leads without having a conversion process in place. If you’ve ever attended a networking event and afterwards dropped the business cards you collected into a drawer, you know what I’m talking about. Or, maybe you’re subscribing folks to your freebie, but don’t have any autoresponders or promotions set up to motivate them to invest in your services.

Get your systems in place before you attract more leads.

The 7 Strategies

Your web presence establishes a basic level of credibility with your target market, and provides the platform for an automated system to keep your leads warm. Once your Target-Connect-Convert systems are ready to build your relationship with your leads, start growing your list with whichever of these lead generation methods you choose.

  1. Blogging. Actively blog relevant content to your market every week. Connect your blog feed with blog aggregators and social networks like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Offer social bookmarking to spread your content. Encourage comments and respond to them.

    Leave thoughtful and relevant comments on other people’s blogs that your market might read. This not only improves the search engine profile of your blog, but it might bring direct traffic from people interested in your comment.
  2. Social networking. FaceBook, LinkedIn and Twitter are powerful relationship building tools. Having a lot of followers or friends isn’t your goal. You want targeted connections, so you can build trust and encourage them to subscribe to your blog or email list.

    Consider creating a “fan page” on Facebook. This is a micro-blog where you post short wall posts daily to engage your target market, interact with them, and show them more of who you are and what you know. As you build this up, you’ll naturally have more people subscribe on your blog or website. Check out my Prosperous Coach Facebook page.
  3. Your own audios and videos. Post them on Facebook and other social networking sites, YouTube, Podclass.
  4. Cross referral & joint venture alliances. Form an alliance with a service provider, entrepreneur, or association who has (or is building) a significant presence in front of your target market – but whose offerings don’t compete with yours. Create opportunities to market to their list and direct people back to your blog or website. Reciprocal ventures, where you also promote them to your list, work best. These arrangements often include an affiliate relationship, where commissions are paid for any referral that results in a sale.

    • Guest post on their blog or provide articles for their newsletter that link to your sign-up page and freebie.
    • Offer a special freebie to their list on an ongoing basis that directs them to your site for the sign up. This works well when the partner has a membership.
    • Have them interview you on a radio show, video or podcast for topics that interest their clients. Promote a single offer on your website and send the listeners there to sign up.
    • Ask them to promote a free call or event that will preview your new program. Consider providing their list with a special price for the program.
    • Ask them to promote you through social networks.

    Make it easy for your referral partners to promote you. Provide everything they’ll need up front – graphics, marketing text, tweets, links, affiliate links etc. Follow up to make sure everything is going as planned.

  5. Live networking. Go where large concentrations of your target market gather, make a few quality connections each time. Invite them to your freebie, consult and list. When you get business cards, have a system set up to process them and re-connect within 24 to 48 hours.
  6. Public speaking & educating. It’s not just about keynote speaking. Get interviewed for a radio show or podcast. Create your own Blog Talk Radio program or teleclass. Get on an expert panel, speak to an interest group for your market, offer training or facilitation that your market needs.
  7. Press releases. When you launch a website, blog or new program, announce it. Hire someone with PR savvy to get your releases out to the online press services.

Remember, start by considering how you will convert leads into sales. First, set up systems to keep your leads warm by keeping you in front of them, giving them value, and building trust with them.

What are your favorite relationship and list building strategies? Have I left out anything that has worked well for you?


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