you intimidated by the idea of writing your own freebies, marketing emails, and web content?

I used to find those daunting too until I learned the root of ace marketing copy: write to intrigue rather than impress.

When you want to inspire potential coaching clients to take the next step with you, aim to build a relationship and raise curiosity first. Take the spotlight off of you and your coaching “technology” and place it on your target audience.

Here are six more tried and true copy writing tips that will help you write in a way that’s both authentic and effective:

#1 Write like you speak

Good copy speaks to the heart first so it’s critical to know who you serve, what they want and what’s holding them back. For most target audiences, you’ll want to ditch the formal writing techniques you learned in school. Instead, write as if you’re speaking to one person in your target group.

#2 Relate to your target audience

Begin by helping your reader to feel understood. People feel an instant affinity with you if they see that you “get” where they’ve been and where they want to go.

#3 Establish your authority too

While relating to their pain and aspirations, also make it clear that you have a solution to one acute pain they want help with right now. Help them understand why they should listen to you.

#4 Give readers a break

People will usually skim a page and read the parts that intrigue them. Pull them through your copy and encourage deeper reading with these devices:

#5 Streamline every sentence and paragraph

Most of the time, less really is more! Long, dense paragraphs scare readers away. This is where academic training, that insists all relevant content goes into one paragraph, can lead you astray. After you write a first draft, challenge yourself to reduce the number of words by half. Play around with syntax to finesse each sentence.

One exception to the “less is more” rule is the dreaded sales page. Those pages are purposefully long so that each individual finds the specific information that helps them decide whether to buy or not. Some people will look for testimonials right away where others want to know exactly what they’ll get in a program first. Others want the story in the initial sales letter, while others will look for the guarantee. It’s best to get expert support for writing those.

#6 Inspire readers to take action

If you want comments on your blog article, ask for them and provide an easy way to give them. If you want web visitors to sign up for your freebie, make the title irresistible and place the opt-in high up on the web page. If you want people to enroll for a paid program build a case for why they can’t afford NOT to enroll.

Want help with your copywriting projects? I’m an ace at interviewing my clients to draw out the essence of their value and then finesse it into fewer more powerful words that convert fans into clients. Get in touch with me here.

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