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5 Core Skill Sets for Coaching Business Success

Have you ever felt that you need more knowledge, training or credentials to be highly valuable to your coaching clients? While every coach has some areas to develop, don’t make the mistake of discounting the many skills you already bring to the table. That goes for business skills as well. No matter how new you are to coaching, you’re no novice in life, work and communication skills.

It’s time to recognize and leverage your strengths, and consciously build a few core skills to help you thrive in your coaching business.

Below is a (non-exhaustive) list of core business skills. Take a few minutes to rank your current level of skill for each one. Be generous! And prepare to be surprised. Rank your skills on this scale (or come up with your own):

I’m an Ace!
I’m Building Mastery
I’m Just Getting By
Not On My Radar Yet

Pick a couple of top strengths you can leverage this year. Then, pinpoint a few less developed skills to  cultivate. You’ll be amazed how just by raising your awareness you can improve any skill significantly over a short time.

The  Sales & Marketing Skill Set

The Entrepreneurial Skill Set

The “CEO” Mindsets

The Management Skill Set

The Gateway Skill Set

What have I left out? Please share any other skills you think are important for coaching business success. Also, leave a comment about your strengths and the skills you’ll focus on building next.