stand out in the crowdCoaches are more business savvy than they used to be. Now, every coach knows that when you land a smart coaching niche, all the doors of opportunity open up and prosperity flows in. It solves so many problems:

And, if you choose wisely, you quickly become a coach in high demand. That means you earn more, coach more, and marketless. That’s the way I like to do it.

4 Paths to Coaching Niches

1. Let your “tribe” or specialty find you. If you’re not in a hurry to be financially successful, this serendipitous approach is a fun way to go.
2. Focus in on a topic of expertise. Combine coaching, teaching and mentoring into a lucrative business with the potential to scale up fast.
3. Go with your passion. This works especially well if you have a compelling personal story, iconic personality, and enjoy being in the limelight.
4. Target a narrow audience, find out what they really want and help them get there. This is my favorite approach because any coach can do this successfully without special skills.

Ultimately, you want to land a coaching niche that helps you use all your skills and talents to do good in the world while you do well financially.

Safe Topics Are Often “Dud” Coaching Niches

As a new coach it’s tempting to choose a niche solely on what seems a “safe” topic or audience such as moms, divorcees, empty nesters, life purpose or retirement. I’m sorry to say that I haven’t met a coach yet who made a good living with these niches. (Please let me know if there’s someone out there making it happen!)

Why do these popular niches tend to fail? For various reasons, these topics don’t inspire people to invest much in support systems. Your free stuff will be gobbled up, but when it’s time to enroll into paid programs, prospects just drift away …

You probably have felt the truth in this if you chosen one of those popular but profitless coaching niches. But, if you’ve put in a solid six months of continuous effort on any niche for little return, it’s time to release it. There’s a better path for you. Do this QUICK TEST for your coaching niche.

Choosing a Profitable Coaching Niche Doesn’t Have to Make Your Brain Hurt

It’s truly a creative process. Think outside the norms. Believe that you can coach any audience and help them reach any goal.

Imagine a venn diagram … you’re looking for the overlap between your interests & skills and a specific target audience that’s easy to find, easy to connect with, and eager to evolve.

It’s worth it to do a little fun market research to identify exactly what your chosen audience wants so much that they’ll likely invest to get it. That way you can gear your messages and your coaching services to solve a specific problem that’s acute for a specific group of people.

Choosing a niche that you’ll love is a journey that’s worth your time. After all, a great niche could take you 5, 10, 20+ years into your future. It may mean the difference between limping along or having that six figure coaching business you’ve been dreaming of.

Now, stop wracking your brain about this. Want some help? Let’s put our hearts and minds together and land your niche! Tell me about yourself here and we’ll talk.