There are many programs to learn how to coach. And tons of info about how to market and earn well.

But there’s little said about how to serve your coaching clients well so they love the experience, come back for more and refer others to you.

What brings new clients to you, keeps them happy and coming back for more?

Well, client service is about the whole customer journey starting with how you market.

Satisfaction begins before they hire you and continues after they finish with you.

Let’s talk about 7 ways to satisfy prospects and clients.

And, if you’re having trouble attracting clients, it likely comes down to the wrong strategy or a lack of strategy someplace in the customer journey.

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Hey Coaches!

Let’s dig into these 7 ways to satisfy prospects and clients …

#1 Cultivate Happy Coaching Clients Before, During and After

Happy clients start by being happy prospects. Ideally before they hire you, they already have a strong sense of your integrity, personality and exactly how you can help them. That’s why a content strategy is so important.

A successful business is the sum of many strategic things that work in concert.

If your social posts, podcast, videos, website — everything — comes from being fully informed about what’s important to your audience, they can feel that. And it feels good IF you’ve hit the right mark!

A while back a prospect posted:

 “Just found your podcast. Wow! It’s like you’re in my head, Rhonda Hess! I needed this so badly. Thank you!”

You also want to hit the mark like that with your content.

If your audience feels seen, heard and understood by you, they’ll follow you and share your content with others in your audience. And then ideal prospects become curious about working with you.

Also, after they’ve finished your program, stay in touch with past clients. Follow them on socials. Share a bit of social love. And check in with a short email to from time to time. That goes a long way.

#2 Provide Coaching Clients with Structure and Boundaries

In a desire to be ALL things to your clients do you forget to set boundaries and provide structure?

That helps them feel safe.

  1. Provide clear terms and agreements in your intake packet. Listen to Ep 194 for details on how to create a dynamic intake packet.
  2. Ask clients to respect you with policies about showing up for sessions and on time payments.
  3. In the first session, explain the phases and flow of your work together (this is easy if you’ve created a Signature Program rather than just selling coaching packages.)
  4. Provide and then ask them to send you a Session Prep 1 -2 days before each session.
  5. Send them a Session Recap that lists agreed upon next steps and notes.
  6. Set clear expectations about your availability and how/when they can contact you and how/when they cannot.
  7. Hold time boundaries in sessions. Listen to Episode 29.

#3 Create and Track a Set of Goals

  1. Within the first 2 sessions set specific milestones you’ll help them achieve.
  2. Get clear on top challenges, goals and who they want to transform into.
  3. How will you help them perceive that they’ve made progress?
  4. Set a tickler in your calendar to check in on their goals/milestones as you progress.

#4 Gather Feedback from Coaching Clients and Give it To Them Too

Feedback is under-rated and so valuable for any transformational process.

1. Ask for feedback

2. Give feedback

#5 Model Integrity with Your Coaching Clients

One of the beautiful things about coaching is that sometimes we attract clients that teach us while we’re supporting them. Mostly this is seamless and organic. But it can sometimes be painful because you realize that you need to work on the same issues your client does. That’s the beauty of coaching!

And, if that’s the case be sure you:

#6 Help Your Clients Stand Fully In Their Power

The absolute best way to empower your clients is to monitor how well you are standing in your own power.

Check out Episode 255 – Are You Right Sized with Your Coaching Clients? It’s all about how to have a healthy coaching relationship through the lens of the power differential between you and your clients.  This stuff is important and nobody talks about it!

These are the usual ways coaches disempower clients. It may surprise you.

When you interact with your clients:

#7 Share Your Humanity with Coaching Clients

When I first started as a coach I thought I had to be buttoned up and totally perfect with clients, which can turn out badly because if your clients put you on a pedestal they project all sorts of crap upon you and the relationship goes into shadow.

So instead:

Now, how can you up your game for customer satisfaction — starting at the get go in marketing and through every piece of your customer journey all the way through serving them and after?