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10 Ways to Break Free from Perfectionism

Perfectionism can be paralyzing. You’re in good company if you get bogged down by it.

But, can you train yourself out of it? Yes!

If there’s a scale of perfectionism I was once a 10. But now I’m closer to a 5. By necessity my coaching business trained me out of it. I realized that if I wanted to earn more and work less that expedience is key. I saved a lot of time and aggravation by relaxing standards where they truly didn’t matter.

What was most eye-opening is that I discovered that perfectionists are not the most financially successful or happiest people on the planet. So why put myself through brain strain?

In a recent juicy conversation with some coaches in my Prosperous Coach Inner Circle Mastermind*, we took perfectionism apart; examining what it is, when it arises, the significant costs and how to move beyond it. Here’s the wisdom that came out of that conversation:

What is perfectionism?

When does perfectionism raise it’s picky head?

What are the costs of perfectionism?

How to break free from the perfectionism habit:

  1. Take the spotlight off yourself. Re-connect with your desire to serve.
  2. Connect rather than perform.
  3. Learn to think of flaws as  humanity rather than defects.
  4. Detach from outcome. Set and follow intention, while paradoxically being open to all possible outcomes as a gift.
  5. Focus on living in the present. Worry is fantasy.
 “Neurosis is building castles in the sky. Insanity is moving in.”
  6. Relax and enjoy the process.
  7. Move from your head and into your body = heart/intuition or belly/instinct.
  8. Go to Self care. Take a break.
  9. Realize that there is no right or wrong.
  10. Realize that “you’re not God” in the sense that everything is not up to you. Allow the Universe to bring surprises.

Words to Live By:

“Better done and out there working for me than perfect.”

Add to this and pass it forward. Share in the comments below what you notice about perfectionism and your words to live by.

*Special thanks to Lisa Wrigley, Kim Birkhimer, Sandra Hoedemaker and Sylke Chesterfield!