Are you ready to fully manifest your brilliant business with personalized VIP support?

I save room in my schedule to work privately with a limited number of coaches and other change agents who want to start smart or up-level their business. Whether you want to…

  • choose a highly profitable niche, solidify your brand and offers
  • expand your list and attract higher profits or
  • create exciting new programs

… I’d love to help you spark ideas and take leaps that bring you amazing results.

Working privately with Rhonda is well worth the investment. In a short time my coaching practice has transformed into a more lucrative, fun and reliable business. I’m working smarter without working more hours and enrolling more clients at higher fees. Rhonda helped me focus and streamline my niche, branding, website, coaching programs and marketing strategies so they all work in concert. It’s raised my confidence about the value of my services significantly. And my income is already 5x greater than last year!

Kim Meninger

If you are ready to take bold decisive action, please apply to work privately with me!

Answer the short questionnaire below and be as specific as possible. I’ll be in touch to set up a 30 minute Business Breakthrough Discovery Session with you. Then, we’ll determine which of my private mentoring packages fits you best.

Please understand that the purpose of this session is not free coaching or advice. In our conversation, we’ll uncover:

  • where you are right now
  • where you want to be – the full color vision of your ideal business and lifestyle
  • what’s getting in your way
  • your unique skills and talents, and
  • how I can help you manifest the fullness of your vision.
  • “Your strategic guidance and mentoring were instrumental in my business turnaround. You’ve taught me to stay focused and move forward with confidence in my direction and abilities. I feel blessed knowing I was guided your way by spirit!”

    Andy Hill

  • “You are THE Coaches' Coach 🙂 Thank you Rhonda for sharing your wisdom and knowledge with me.”

    Leo Landeverde

  • “I am grateful for Rhonda’s professionalism, ethics, and competence in responsibly guiding me in my business.”

    Christina Weber


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