What Clients Say

  • “Rhonda’s niche program helped me to narrowly define the types of clients I most love to coach. Now I more confidently enroll them at higher fees and for longer programs.”

    Kim Meninger

  • “Your strategic guidance and mentoring were instrumental in my business turnaround. You’ve taught me to stay focused and move forward with confidence in my direction and abilities. I feel blessed knowing I was guided your way by spirit!”

    Andy Hill

  • “It’s so much easier to enroll clients when you know exactly who your clients are, where they hang out and what they want.”

    Sandra Hoedemaker

  • “I’ve experienced THE SHIFT and am transported mentally and emotionally by Rhonda’s niching system!”

    Matt Rudman

  • “This course gave me a real boost – if you’re not sure who your target market is, or how to get their attention, grab this course while you can!”

    Cara Lynn Garvock

  • “Before investing in this work with you, I was confusing myself. With your feedback and the Your Highly Profitable Niche program I’m ROCKING it out and cannot wait to do this big work in the world.”

    Peggie Avidson

  • “I never imagined the impact choosing a viable niche would have on me and in my life!”

    Karyn Stuart

  • “You guided me to my intuition, helped me clarify a viable niche and new direction that resonated more deeply and actually felt fun.”

    Robert Winn

  • “I have made more progress on my coaching business with this program than with anything else I have ever done.”

    Mimi Stout

  • “You are THE Coaches’ Coach ???? Thank you Rhonda for sharing your wisdom and knowledge with me.”

    Leo Landeverde

  • “I am grateful for Rhonda’s professionalism, ethics, and competence in responsibly guiding me in my business.”

    Christina Weber

  • “No sooner do I have a question then you answer it in the call recordings or webinars. How great is that?”

    Lisa Curtis