12 Types of Blog Posts or Ezine Articles that Entertain

As you know, I’m a big fan of blogs, especially when they are on the home page of your website, because they help you build your list faster and establish credibility while creating a relationship with your tribe. Ezines also create an ongoing connection.

But I know that writing a weekly article (or posting a video) can start to drag. And if you keep procrastinating, you’ll eventually lose the benefit of publishing a regular article out to your list – continuous presence and building trust. And it adds stress!

So how can you keep fresh ideas flowing to your blog or ezine? Shake it up! And, if you want to really de-stess, plan most of  your posts!

creativity in writing

Both you and your readers will enjoy your articles or videos more if you vary the TYPE of post you publish. Here are 12 types posts that won’t fail to entertain and inform your readers:

1. How To /Educational
If you’re good at simplifying complex concepts and processes, this may be your ACE in the hole. And it’s easy to re-purpose these types of posts into freebies, bonuses or entire products.

5 Easy Ways To Start Enrolling New Clients NOW – by Barb Wade

This is a guest post by my friend and colleague, Barb Wade, “The Coaches Coach”.

As most coaches know, the bridge between a potential new client’s interest and their actually signing on to coach with you is always some kind of a powerful exploratory conversation. There’s nothing that comes close to the intimacy that is created when you speak voice-to-voice with a potential client, exploring the tremendous cost of the problems they’re facing, and demonstrating that your guidance and expertise will solve their challenges and help them truly create the life or career that they dream of.

I call these sessions “Strategy Sessions” or “Discovery Sessions,” and again, they’re a first hand opportunity for your potential client to feel heard and understood, and to begin to have some hope that you can truly guide them to change their situation. This is why, after such an empowering conversation, coaches are often successful at enrolling their potential client into one of their paid coaching programs.

So naturally, generating these initial, exploratory conversations is crucial. Here are 5 ways to easily and naturally invite potential clients from your ideal target market into such a conversation.

12 Things That Make a Preview Teleseminar Rock

You can learn almost anything by watching mentors who are already successful. I call it “observe, model, test and tweak”. Of course it’s also really handy to learn the “insider secrets” from experts and get templates that short cut your way to a great teleseminar.

When I think of the best teleseminars I’ve experienced, here’s what they all have going for them:
12 Things That Make a Preview Teleseminar Rock

  1. Hot Topic

Emails and social networking posts convey a pinpointed topic that’s highly relevant to me and makes it clear why I should sign up.

  1. Rockin’ Key Points

What will be covered is intriguing enough that I commit in my calendar to attend live.

  1. Outstanding Optin

Timely Tips That Can Catapult Your Coaching Biz to the Next Level Fast

Are you working too hard to promote your coaching, but still wondering where your next client will come from? Maybe you’ve been wondering how you can keep this up if you don’t get more income…

If so, you’re not alone — most coaches deal with these same problems in their coaching businesses, especially in the first five years or so. But there are coaches who have plenty of high paying clients. They get great referrals and have long term clients that pay them well. Those coaches must know some marketing tricks that make all the difference.

Well, they are coming together next week in The Easy Biz Telesummit: Summer School for Coaches — a series of FREE telecalls to help you learn those tricks fast!

I’m honored to be in the lineup of 12 business experts among some other folks you’ll recognize and enjoy, including Andrea J. Lee, Michael Port, Kim Clausen and Michelle Schubnell. Each of us will be sharing our best ideas for what makes marketing EASIER. We’re all about helping you avoid the kinds of mistakes we made early on, and we’ll share with you exactly what you need to know to succeed today.

Four Simple Steps to Attract What You Really Want

Do you ever forget your best tools for life? They get buried sometimes in the day-to day. This is simply THE best tool for living that I have. If I did this simple thing everyday I’d get everything I truly want.

You have this tool within you too. In fact, so much has been written about it over the last 20 years that it’s cliché.

manfesting meditation - Rhonda HessIt’s manifestation. Remember this? Successful thoughts followed by powerful actions are like the track and the train, or like water and fish. Prosperous thinking makes the way for what we want to move towards us.

The simplicity of this is usually lost in the rush and hustle of our lives. We are so driven to do, do, do, moving at break-neck pace. Unfortunately, while doing what we think will get us what we want, we are often actually focused on what we don’t want – what isn’t working or what doesn’t feel good.

And then, it’s like a train heading for a bent or broken track or like a fish suddenly pulled out of the water.

It’s time to bring our minds back to envisioning what we want rather than what we don’t want.

Regular People Manifest What They Want All the Time

Years ago, I met a man who decided to earn his livelihood for one year just by doing this process. This guy wasn’t a guru or a monk. He was a regular Joe who decided to test his faith in abundance.

Sky-Rocket Your Client Load – by Christian Mickelson

This is a guest post by my friend and colleague, Christian Mickelson, CEO of the Coaching Business Rocket Launcher…

Of course you want to feel that rush of exhilaration that comes from making a difference in the lives of your clients. You know what I mean, right? You have a session with a client and they see solutions where before they only saw problems. And now they are so happy! It’s a rush!

But… if you’re not getting enough clients to work with, there may be one BIG reason for it. Let ME coach YOU on that right now…

You see, most coaches want to help people so much that they don’t even care about the money part. Can you relate? Of course, as coaches we put helping people over making money. But I realized something BIG about this. Before I share it with you, let me ask you:

Do you like sales & marketing?