90 Day More Joy and Prosperity Challenge

You know how when the house is clean you feel somehow freed up and renewed? Or that great feeling when you purge old clothes and stuff from your life?

Our businesses need that kind of clearing to be healthy too. But it’s not just about catching up on filing or clearing off your desk. It’s about reducing energetic drags… the things that get in the way of innovation, creativity, and courage to take big leaps.
cleaning out energy drains from your coaching business

I’m on a big jag to clean up my life and business. Something came over me. Maybe it’s something in the stars. A friend told me today’s eclipse is all about letting go of big things that are holding you back.

Or maybe it’s just that I’m tired of feeling tired. I’m done with that! So I’m cleaning up my act in every corner and cranny of my life and biz.

Last weekend, my husband and I cleaned out our garage (our storage unit really). We did a lot of recycling, shredded old documents, cleared out the stuff from our mother’s passing and moves, passed forward things others need that we don’t any longer, and took stock of what we still have.

I felt like a huge weight was lifted off me with one project. And I’m ready to get back even more energy.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Release. Receive.

How does this relate to your coaching business?

Too Much Yearning? Try Just Being Here for Now

There’s too much anxiety in the world right now. Do you feel it? The impact on our bodies, minds and spirits is heavy, if all we want is to get away… if we’re just trying to get back to the way it was, or scrabbling so hard to get to our better future that we miss what’s here for us right now.

I’m waxing a little philosophical in this post. I caught myself this morning bouncing around from past to future and then opened my eyes to the lounging Buddha before me.

Too much to do for your coaching business? Just be here now.

I’m big on ambition and so are my clients. But really… all this yearning is a little much sometimes. There’s lots of good stuff in the here and now. And now is the only time we have for receiving it.

If we let the moment go by without receiving the depth of what has come to us, how does THAT impact our future? What are we saying when all we want is more, more, more?

So, I’m offering this moment to myself and to you. A moment to drink in NOW.

3 Coach Archetypes – Which Are You Today?

Each coach brings deep skills, world wisdom and powerful purpose to the table. But some excel in their coaching business more consistently than others. Why is that? Mindset is the make or break factor in our success on any given day. The good news is, we control the messages we feed ourselves.

If you want to bring in more consistent results in your coaching business, pay attention to the archetypes you embody – the pattern of thoughts and behaviors that you play out – they will help you consciously change and grow.

The 3 Coach Archetypes

Watching myself and my clients closely for the last decade, I’ve noticed that coaches often default into one of three behavioral patterns:

brave hearted coach

  • Some coaches are perpetual students, always engaged in consuming information. These knowledge seekers may be steered by possibility thinking, but they distract themselves from taking persistent high payoff actions.
  • Some coaches are perfectionists. They may “tear up the ground” getting things done, but their belief that nothing they do is good enough takes the power out of their actions.
  • Some coaches are brave hearts who are 100% committed to their own success. They cultivate both the courage and capacity to manifest what they most want, by adjusting to a powerful mindset while taking high payoff actions.

Let’s take a closer look at the three archetypes. While you do, notice which one is your default for now. This doesn’t define who you are; it’s just the pattern you’ve currently settled into. You have the power to love yourself into a more powerful way of thinking and doing. Trust that.

Suspending Your Disbelief Opens Doors to What You Want

Every time you try something for the first time – launch a coaching business, start a blog, speak publicly — you enter into the great unknown. For adventure seekers, the unknown is a double dog dare. For innovators, it’s where the spark of brilliance always strikes. For the rest of us, it can be absolutely terrifying territory… but it doesn’t have to be.

suspend disbelief
Everyone has fear. Some “feel the fear and do it anyway”. They consciously suspend their disbelief that they can do it, long enough for the combination of their trust, persistence and subtle energies to coalesce dreams into reality. Our favorite stories are about regular people persevering to reach their destiny despite all odds. Without super powers, people do this every day.

To get to where you want to go, first suspend any disbelief that you can arrive there.

Break Through by Letting Go of Attachment

When I was eight I thought I’d never be good at downhill skiing, because experience told me I’d never be good at any sport. Totally psyched out, I struggled pitifully. Then one day, when I wasn’t scrutinizing my general lack of coordination, I hit the zone!

And then of course, I knew I could ski. There was no longer any question of that. Before long I could make it down a black diamond and practically float down the rest of the slopes. Having crossed the unknown and come out the other side, it was easier to become a pretty decent skater and halfback in soccer. I broke through the belief that I couldn’t do sports.

Believe in Stories of Success

We all need role models to grow to our full potential. It’s helpful to know that others have achieved your dreams. And to believe with all your heart that if they can do it, you can do it too.

Something really poignant happened last week…

Sources of Inspiration for Your Coaching Business

Do you ever find your hand rising up to your forehead to try to coax your coaching business ideas out into reality? Whatever answers you’re trying to figure out rarely come from cognitive processing alone. True creativity is a much more open, organic process that starts with a spark of inspiration. But where to find that spark?

Inspiration Ideas

Here are three places to find reliable and quick inspiration that will catalyze ideas for your blog posts, coaching programs and products… maybe even your coaching business model.

Music & Art

To help my right brain engage when I’m generating anything – writing, planning or developing ideas into something usable – I stream Pandora online radio from my computer. With this online app, you can customize your musical taste. Consider buying it for $16/year – it’s well worth it to get rid of the ads.

Choose calming, wordless music – whatever works best to slow you down and keep your creativity flowing. (I like Karunesh, George Winston or David Darling.)

Anything you do to feed and exercise the artistic side of your brain will also help you bring more creative juice to your task list.

3 Ways to Find Courage for Your Coaching Business

It takes ample courage to be an entrepreneurial coach. There are critical decisions to make for your coaching business, such as choosing your niche or hiring a virtual assistant. Every day you get up the gumption to connect with prospects and enroll coaching clients. And there are so many learning curves to ascend.

Here are three ways to raise courage on demand, for all the leaps you need to take as you build your coaching business.

finding courage for your coaching business

1. Realize That You’re in Good Company

There are millions of intrepid coaches and other business owners who have traveled this path before you. They have done and are doing exactly what you’re attempting now. And they felt just as spazzy about it as you feel now. But they did it, and thrived.

Tap into that collective fortitude. You can do it too! And you’ll not only live to do it again, you’ll become good at this (whatever it is that inspires fear today). Bank on it.