Secrets of Six Figure Coaches

Prosperity Inner Circle CoachesLast week my Prosperity Inner Circle coaches gathered for their second business think tank retreat at the St Julien in Boulder, Colorado. No longer the only brilliant brain in their business, each of them were supported to take courageous mindset leaps while crafting well leveraged and fun tactical roadmaps for their success. Needless to say, I’m in awe of how they are becoming powerful CEOs of their own coaching businesses.

We’ve been studying Barbara Stanny’s book Secrets of Six Figure Women. (Don’t let the title fool you, this book is equally relevant to men.) Here are some of the big ideas we’ve drawn from the book that are key for all coaches heading towards six figures.

Seven Guidelines to Become a Six Figure Coach

  1. Choose work that allows you to realize your full self.
    You were called to be a coach. But isn’t it sometimes true that you don’t fully trust that you have what it takes to be successful at coaching? Maybe you doubt your coaching skills or forget all the experience and knowledge that you’re bringing to the table. To realize your full self in your work, you’ll need to believe you’re in the right place at the right time.
  2. Do what you’re afraid to do.
    Focus intensely on the highest payoff actions and don’t sweat the rest.
    It’s easy to get caught up in daily minutiae and then feel disappointed in your progress. Opt for the next action you take to be one that makes you squirm a bit, over the one that doesn’t challenge you, and you’ll see much better results.
  3. Shift from being a hard-driven high earner to the smarter habits of a successful high earner.
    Being an entrepreneur isn’t meant to bring you to your knees and burn you out. Plan your work and work your plan. Set boundaries around your business. Be certain your well beings comes before your business by balancing your ambition with good sense and body wisdom.
  4. Appreciate abundance in all its forms.
    You cannot attract more of what you want until you feel the blessing of what you already have. Celebrate your coaching clients and the progress you’ve already made in your business. Realize how privileged you are that you can be an entrepreneur and do meaningful work in the world.
  5. Go where there is the potential to make a sustainable income.
    Choose an accessible and narrow market as your coaching focus. One that is motivated to invest in themselves. Make sure you are speaking to their pain points and top goals rather than “selling” what you want to coach around. Tailor make your coaching programs to serve your market. You’ll be seen as their go-to person — as an essential rather than a luxury service.
  6. Put a high price tag on your coaching. Highly value your time.
    You only have 24 hours each day. Be conscious of what you dedicate your precious time and energy to. If it helps you to value it for what it’s worth, think of your time as money. Notice how much you are investing and set yourself up for a high return. Recognize that if you value your time and services, your target market will too.
  7. Let go of the past and what isn’t working.
    If you’re struggling in the stuck place, it’s time to let go of the ledge. Release your resistance and take a leap. Have the courage to stop doing what has not brought you consistent positive results and try something new, even if you don’t know how. If you set intention and see the outcome you want, the how-tos will show up.


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  • Hi Rhonda-
    Great article. I have REALLY struggled lately with the fear that I won’t be competent to approach my target market (C-Level Executives). Any specific suggestions on taking the big leap?

    • Hi Don — Think of fear as an invitation to let go of the ledge. Accept the invitation and let go. The ledge is where all the pain is. Once you let go and forge ahead with courage and belief in all you bring to the table, your brief struggle will not be remembered. You were meant to be a coach. You are primed for this experience. Let your brilliance out, my friend.

  • Laima

    Hi Rhonda,
    As always, very insightful information. Once I let go of my fear, I will move forward, however I am merely taking b a b y steps at this point.

    Thanks for your generosity of spirit. It is tremendously appreciated.

    • Hi Laima – Baby steps are helpful. Intersperse them with a leap or two and you’re going where you want to at a sane pace. ; ‘ )

  • Super article and makes me think, that is how I know it was good stuff! New to coaching I think I have my niche narrowed down but perhaps not quite….this will give me some thought. Look forward to more of what you have to say!
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..Is Parenthood like College?? =-.

    • Hi Susan. What is your niche? Have you chosen a market — a WHO — or a niche — a WHAT? Ideally you’ll choose a market. Share with me here what you’ve chosen and I’ll let you know if it’s viable. Many blessings!